I&#039;m trying to make a sub-directory secure within my asp.net application. From my understanding I need to place a web.config in the sub-directory in which I want to secure. I have done so, but it would not debug because it wasn&#039;t a virtual directory. I have now made the sub-directory a virtual directory. <BR><BR>Now I&#039;m receiving the error:<BR><BR>Could not load type &#039;project.login&#039;<BR><BR>Now, if I remove the virtual directory and the web.config file, it&#039;ll run the login.aspx page just fine. However when I make it a virtual directory and/or put the web.config file in place it will not run and gives me the error listed above. I&#039;m at a loss to what to do and would appreciate any help I can receive.<BR><BR>Your Suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks again for your help!!!!!<BR><BR>FrustratedProgrammerIthinkImAProg rammerAnyways<BR><BR>