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    Default which email to use?

    Im just wanting to know which of the following emailing components are best to use within asp pages?<BR><BR>• ASPEmail<BR>• ASPMail<BR>• ASPUpload<BR>• CDONTS<BR>• Dundas<BR>• JMail<BR><BR>Any reasons why I should or shouldnt use any of them?

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    Default Ummm...I definitely...

    ...think you should try using ASPUpload. I want to see *somebody* figure out how to use a component that was designed for uploading mail to instead do emailing.<BR><BR>Just to ask a silly question: What&#039;s the budget? CDONTS is free.<BR><BR>And if you are on a shared host, what will they allow? Or what do they already support?<BR><BR>Any of them will be fine for, say, dozens of emails. It&#039;s when you get into the thousands that none of them will work as well as a dedicated mailer.<BR><BR>

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    Default It *is* late nights, isn't it?

    I wrote:<BR><BR>&#062; how to use a component that was designed for uploading mail<BR><BR>Doh.<BR><BR>I meant "uploading FILES" of course.<BR><BR>Spoiled my own damned joke.

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    Default yeah its me...

    ...I was just reading this crap here...<BR><BR>http://www.aspwebpro.com/aspscripts.asp <BR><BR>Before I start tinkering in automated mailing systems within my application, I want to ensure that Im headed in the right direction. Not sure how ASPUpload fits within that category though.<BR><BR>Cheers Bill

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