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    Ok,when using folder options and file types on a "new" computer to establish a .asp extension, which selection would I make for "associated file types"? ASP Tx Script Context not supported, required,requires new, or supported. And what do they mean?<BR>2nd, would the wrong selection create "garbage" characters that would be added to a file created on the fly? My code used to work but now I am getting a parsing error that I know is being caused by my ASP. Although, the ASP is doing what it is supposed to.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Default What are you trying...

    ...to associate ".asp" *to*???<BR><BR>You can&#039;t associate it to the browser, because you can only view ASP by way of the server: <BR> http://localhost/virtualDirName/xyz.asp<BR>And even then only if the ASP file is located in a virtual directory, never by physical directory name.<BR><BR>So all you want to do is associate ".asp" with some editor. Most of the editors that support ASP editing (DreamWeaver, FrontPage, Visual Studio) will automatically point ASP to themselves when you install them. But I guess you could point ASP to NotePad if you didn&#039;t have anything else.<BR><BR>

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