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    Hi<BR><BR>I am trying to achive the following things im basically at a dead end and some advice , pointers to tutorials etc would be great.<BR><BR>I have emails comming into a specific folder in Outlook Express, i want to run a script to extract the email address from all the emails in this folder.. and then go round a loop to remove thse emails from a dbase table.<BR><BR>How do i get access to the folder and emails in outlook express and specifically the email address, in a format where i can remove them from the table.<BR><BR>I was thinking maybe i need to access the .dbx file or using ADO to connect to outlook ,but not sure how to <BR><BR>Any help appreciated<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Waseem

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    You have emails in a specific folder in Outlook EXPRESS on the CLIENT?<BR><BR>Bearind in mind that ASP runs on the SERVER, you&#039;re not going to be able to access them directly. You&#039;ll have to run something on the client to get them, or get the client to upload them somehow.<BR><BR>That said, I know the Outlook.Application object is scriptable if they&#039;re running OUTLOOK. But I&#039;m pretty sure the Outlook Express objects aren&#039;t scriptable.<BR><BR>Craig.

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