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    I am very new to ASP coding and I have a good question. I am trying to create an automated email script and I copied the exact script from an article on this website. Furthermore, I got the exact error that it said I would get if I dont have the NT update for my windows NT server.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the question. I am running my pages of Windows XP pro, using IIS to serve my webpages over the web. I am not an expert at server configurations, so I need some help.<BR><BR>Does the NT update apply to IIS in WIndows XP?<BR>Do the outgoing emails have to be in the same domain as the webserver, or can they be from anyone? If someone knows how my problem can be fixed, please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Bobby<BR>

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    Default I don't KNOW the answer, but...

    ...could I suggest you give us the URL of the article you are talking about??? Or at least tell us what error you are talking about?<BR><BR>I wouldn&#039;t think that an old NT update would apply to WinXP Pro.<BR><BR>But I sure don&#039;t know that.<BR><BR>

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