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    Just as a little *off topic*...<BR><BR>I usually see quite often in here...****NOT ADVANCED****<BR><BR>any chance you could show us some REALLY advanced asp code?<BR><BR>Something to make my head spin!<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>John

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    Default Well, some of yours have qualified...

    My gut feeling is that anything the user could have found with no more than a half dozen "click" through the accessible docs deserves the message.<BR><BR>If you are referring to the guy with the ACOS problem: Anybody who understands what ACOS is all about should have been willing to look at *ALL* the functions listed for VBS. And if he had, he would have easily found ATN. And that function has a direct link to "derived math functions". In other words, it&#039;s...umm...a grand total of 4 clicks from this very page to the answer.<BR><BR>But recent threads that qualify:<BR><BR>[I didn&#039;t think it was advanced, at first, but when we got into it...I consider the cause to be a bug in VBS, so finding the problem as a user is definitely not an obvious thing.]<BR><BR><BR>[qualifies because the answer depends on the implementation of arithmetic in different languages...what you learn in one language turns out to not work in another]<BR><BR>I think your "weekly repetition" threads qualified.<BR><BR>&#060;shrug&#062;It&#039;s a judgment call. Personally, I don&#039;t really mind anybody asking most any kind of *programming* question here. Sometimes logic that looks really hard at first glance turns out not to be. I had an example of that in VB.NET and SQL Server today. I must have written 150 lines of code only to find out there was another way that took 5 lines. It&#039;s people who haven&#039;t made the first stab at looking for info that bug me a lot more. But even then I try to give an answer at the same time I say "not advanced."&#060;/shrug&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Default hey ...

    some of MINE qualify?????<BR><BR>..Im beginning to feel somewhat respected in the asp community!<BR><BR>By the time I have this language down, everyone will be saying .."hey remember asp?"

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