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Thread: Copy table from one db to another?

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    Is it possible to replace the data in a specific table of one access database with the data in a similar table of another access database via a query in asp?<BR><BR>Basically, the online database table needs to be updated with a local copy of the data, but the remaining info cannot be overwritten. The database is constantly being edited, so I don&#039;t want to try downloading it and then re-uploading the file.<BR><BR>I know this is setup poorly, I&#039;ve had to pull some tables out of it already in the past. Whoever set it up wasn&#039;t thinking about this sort of stuff. But is there a way to do this easily or should I just move that table into a new db? It&#039;s going to need to be updated fairly often.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Wil<BR>

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    Default Easy, but...

    ...but unless all your users are on the same LAN, then you don&#039;t *HAVE* two databases that are or can be connected in any way.<BR><BR>If this is supposed to be done via the inTERnet, then I don&#039;t see any way short of somehow uploading all the records from the user&#039;s local machine to the web server (ASP, presumably?) and then doing the DB operations from there.<BR><BR>Whether you update a .CSV file or a copy of the local DB or you somehow get the user to allow the web browser to do DB operations directly, it&#039;s the same thing.<BR><BR>

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