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    Just curious to know whether there is a simple way of prompting a user during a fairly lengthy request with a small message that reads...<BR><BR>"Your request is being processed, please wait"<BR><BR>Perhaps a popup window that self closes on completion of the request, or perhaps just in the parent window would be fine.<BR><BR><BR>Also, is there a way of "grey shading" or "locking" the submit button so that they cannot press it twice? I know this is probably a common question, but Im interested in knowing what the best approach would be for this.<BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR>John

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    Default Popup is easiest... pop it up in the main page *before* you allow the submit to happen.<BR><BR>You close it in the next page when all info is returned.<BR><BR>*************<BR><BR>Locking is easy enough:<BR><BR> &#060;INPUT Type=Submit onSubmit="return allowSubmit(this);"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT&#062 ;<BR>var alreadySubmitted = false;<BR><BR>function allowSubmit(btn)<BR>{<BR> if ( alreadySubmitted ) return false;<BR><BR> // next two lines don&#039;t work in NS 4.x browsers<BR> btn.readonly = true; // may be readOnly or some such<BR> btn.disabled = true;<BR><BR> alreadySubmitted = true; // but this works in all browsers<BR><BR> return true;<BR>}<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Default ..;-)

    cheers Bill!

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