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    I&#039;m creating a system using ASP.<BR>Now i&#039;m facing problem to determine whether a doc is printed. onafterprint is not working for IE above 5.5.<BR>I need to update one of a field in db after the doc is printed.<BR>Please help!<BR><BR>For my information, <BR>In Internet Explorer 5.5, the onafterprint event fires before the Print dialog box appears. In earlier versions of Internet Explorer, onafterprint fired after the Print dialog box appeared and only if the user chose to print the document from the dialog box. If the user chose to cancel this dialog box, the event would not fire. <BR>

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    Default I suggest you check out the...

    ...Microsoft website to see whether they posted a workaround. Other than that, I don&#039;t know what to suggest.<BR><BR>I would never (ever) rely on IE specific functionality, because it&#039;s always possible that Microsoft changes its mind and withdraws or changes that functionality, as they seem to have done in this case. Only use IE specific facilities, if they&#039;re not vital to the project.<BR><BR>I know, in hindsight it&#039;s always easy to say these things. Sorry I can&#039;t be any more helpful. :-/<BR><BR>Oliver.

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