hi<BR>recently i saw your mts posting in asp 101 web site. well i am very new to this area when i try working on my first transactional asp page i had trouble.<BR>as your posting below said..my first line of asp page is &#060;%@ TRANSACTION=Required LANGUAGE="VBScript" %&#062;<BR>then i have couple of html codes. but the trouble is if i add the above line i can&#039t get to see anything in my browser. If i remove the above line then i can see the content of the html page. <BR>here my doubt is is there anything else do i need to do to tell IIS like my asp pages are trasactional as you said below. well..i have created web site using mmc. but how do i register my application within MTS..? please help me..<BR>thanks and regards<BR>shailaza