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    if im stripping the html files and search by text, is there anyway i can rank the results?

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    Default ''any way''??? Sure...

    But it&#039;s really complex and essentially means you&#039;ll have to build a full text search engine with all the capabilities of the "big guys".<BR><BR>It would run like a snail in Winter if you wrote it in ASP/VBS code.<BR><BR>What you *could* do is make a quicky ranking system that simply counts the number of times each word in the search term appears in the file.<BR> wordCount = 1 + UBound( Split( allText, "word" ) )<BR><BR>Combine that somehow with a match on how many of the individual search words were found (assuming you are doing an OR search) and you could get something halfway decent, I would think.<BR><BR>

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