Hai<BR>I am doing my task in asp.net <BR>I have one Radio Gropu name Activity<BR><BR>in this group i have 2 radio buttons named<BR>1.srource ,2.Action.<BR>By default source is checked.<BR><BR>my requirment is <BR>when ever user change the checked option from "source" to "action"<BR>i want to visible 2 buttons example "click" and "save".<BR>and again if user changed the checked option from "action" to "source"<BR>i want to hide the 2 buttons example "click" and "save".<BR><BR><BR>i dont find the click event in radio button. i tried with "CheckedChanged" event but its not working.i also tried withAutoPostBack=true option also.<BR><BR>pl advice me.<BR><BR>thanks sr<BR>