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    Hi.<BR><BR>I am trying to declare the variables for all of the headings within my form, however I am getting the following error:<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A0401)<BR>Expected end of statement<BR>/example/Bookings_process.asp, line 15, column 124<BR>Dim Firstname, Secondname, Organisation, Position, Address_1, Address_2, Address_3, Postcode, Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Web, E-Mail, Request, Service, Therapies, Events, Training, Comments, theDate,sql<BR><BR>I have successfully tried the tutorial using just 3 fields but obviously I need to have all of the fields available form my form to work, can you advise what I should have added?<BR><BR>Regards.

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    Default Invalid variable name

    E-Mail<BR><BR>You can&#039;t have dashes in your variable names. Try changing that var to:<BR><BR>E_Mail

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