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    I&#039;m writing an ASP app that uses an Access dbase to keep track of a variable number of grades during a school year for different courses and section numbers. Creating a dbase for a fixed number of grades, IE, just a midterm and a final was easy. But I&#039;d like to make it so that the teachers can add or remove grades as necessary, and have it so that each grade can have a label, such as "Quiz 1", or "Integral Equations Test". Any ideas? Here is what I have done so far: <BR><BR>Table: COURSE <BR> FIELDS: courseID, sectionID, coursename, semester, instructor (uses PIN from FACULTY) <BR>Table: FACULTY <BR> FIELDS: firstname, lastname, PIN <BR>Table: STUDENTS <BR> FIELDS: firstname, lastname, PIN <BR>Table: GRADES <BR> FIELDS: sectionID, studentID ??? <BR><BR>This is where I&#039;ve hit the snag. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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