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    the cut would like to keep is old inventory of paper size( used as coupon )<BR>I am trying to run a print job on Dot Matrix printer and the format of the page is 8 x 4<BR>I would like to know how to configure the printer object with this format<BR>When I send a Access report to print<BR> the printer feed the size of 8x11 instead of 8X4<BR>I adjust the with and height property of the printer object same result<BR>If I send this print job to Msword and change manually the paper size to 8X4 he works<BR><BR><BR>Thank you for your advise<BR><BR>Tsevy Abitbol <BR>

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    You need to set the page size inside access report<BR><BR>By Right clicking on the report itself you can choose page setup and select the page size there...<BR><BR>This is something you should do "Before making" the report...<BR>just so your coding/layout on the report page is correct to the size you have it setup for.<BR>

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