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    Default Any VB Function ??

    I am storing smalldatetime in database. I want to display just date on web page. Is there a function that i could use in ASP to retreive just the date part or should i manaully write code to truncate the string ??<BR>Please help !!!

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    Default FormatDatetime()

    look it up on the link<BR>

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    Default Or just DATEVALUE( )

    If you don&#039;t want a *string* (which is what FormatDateTime gives you, but just something you can pass along as a date-only to another routine, then you should use DATEVALUE(). There is also a TIMEVALUE().<BR><BR>Do yourself a favor and read through the description of *every* function in VBScript. There aren&#039;t that many of them. And you might be amazed at how useful some of them are.<BR><BR>

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