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    I&#039;ve a form on which there are 50 fields which consisit of radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown & text boxes. Now for all textboxes I&#039;ve to check - value entered is either alphabets or numbers and not any special characters. What will be a good way to do this write a javascript fuction? call that on each input text box?<BR><BR>Later on I alos have to apply proper formatting option. for eg: telephone number, proper case for name etc..<BR><BR>This is what I&#039;m going to use:<BR><BR>function charnumvalidate(field) {<BR>var valid = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW XYZ0123456789"<BR>var ok = "yes";<BR>var temp;<BR>for (var i=0; i&#060;field.value.length; i++) {<BR>temp = "" + field.value.substring(i, i+1);<BR>if (valid.indexOf(temp) == "-1") ok = "no";<BR>}<BR>if (ok == "no") {<BR>alert("Invalid entry! Only characters and numbers are accepted!");<BR>field.focus();<BR>;< BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" name="txtloginid" maxlength="15" onBlur="charnumvalidate(txtloginid)" &#062;<BR><BR>I know Bill will have a better solution then what I&#039;ve here.!! <BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    here&#039;s what I use (server-side and client-side with only minor changes)<BR><BR>

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