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    Default Calling Java APIs from ASP

    Hi,<BR><BR>I have an ASP 3.0 application running on an IIS 5.0 web server. Is it possible to call a Java API directly from my ASP code?<BR><BR>This Java API is sitting on another J2EE application server (WebLogic). I prefer not to have to install any 3rd party plug-ins or software on either the web server or the J2EE server.<BR><BR>Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Ummm...that's not an API

    If the Java code is running on a different web server, then you&#039;d want to invoke in the context *OF* that other server, no? Esp. if it&#039;s a J2EE server.<BR><BR>So you&#039;d need to invoke it as a URL, wouldn&#039;t you? Not just as a direct subroutine call?<BR><BR>Anyway, normally you could call a Java object from ASP easily enough:<BR><BR><BR>Look at the bottom of that page.<BR><BR>

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