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Thread: CDOSYS mail not sent to HOTMAIL

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    Hello, <BR><BR>The email sent using CDOSYS was only sent to yahoo and other email addresses but not to hotmail address. So I tried the other free email components available to send email. <BR><BR>I searched using Google and found a host of SMTP email components(ASPEmail, JMail and more) that are available for free. <BR><BR>I actually want to be able to send an email through my application which I am developing as part of my project at University so I don&#039;t have a domain name. That is why I used my local host in my code. <BR><BR>If I give, or http://localhost or http://machineName it is of no avail. <BR><BR>What do I do now? <BR><BR>Evey Email component requires a Host where you have to specify your domain name. Luckily, with CDOSYS you could use <BR><BR> With cdoConfig.Fields <BR> .Item(sch & "sendusing") = 1 &#039; <BR> .Item(sch & "smtpserverpickupdirectory") = "c:InetpubmailrootPickup" <BR><BR>But I believe this is not the case with other email components. <BR><BR>Any idea guys?<BR><BR>Cheers, <BR><BR>Sarav

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    It&#039;s not that it&#039;s not being sent...It&#039;s that Hotmail isn&#039;t allowing it through. <BR><BR>Becuase you&#039;re not associating a valid domain with it, they&#039;re pegging it as virus/spam/dangerous and killing it.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Xander

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