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    I have a problem where I have to find out the Number available in the Database with the value immediate high and immediate low to the value supplied <BR><BR>for example <BR><BR>Table t1<BR>number<BR>-------<BR>819<BR>849<BR>949<BR>1024<BR><BR><BR>If I put the value 909 then I need the value 849 and 949 <BR>the immediate higher and immediate lower to the value supplied <BR><BR>Can any one help me on how to do that. <BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Piyush<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    [code language="T-SQL"]<BR><BR>"Select Top 1 [Number] From t1 where [Number] &#062; " & numberentered & "<BR><BR>Select top 1 [Number] From t1 where [Number] &#060; " & numberentered & " Order By Number DESC"<BR><BR>[/code]

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