Hi,<BR><BR>I would like to load an sql-query in Excel with an .asp-page. The reason for not using DTS is because the user should be able to dynamically specify certain values in the query, e.g. date range, what customer, etc. I do the first part with an .htm form, which I can retrieve in the .asp - so that&#039;s no problem. I guess I have to work with .dns-file and filesystemobject here. The sql-query includes 2 different tables so the sql statement includes a join btw these tables. So the flow is (suggestion):<BR>1. .htm page with a form and input fields. (wow - I know this part ;)<BR>2. .asp page that creates the sql statement partly based on values in the form, <BR>3. then creates the link to excel and the .xls file<BR>4. defines header columns in the .xls (preferably in bold font).<BR>5. loads the sql data into the .xls<BR><BR>Would apericiate any help on this topic. <BR><BR>Best regards from Iceland!!