I have a problem when i&#039m opening a recordset. When I set the recordsource and open the recordset. I have to use events to check if the recordset is opened before I can start using it.<BR><BR>Is it somehow possible to do this check without using events? So I can read a value from the recordset right after i&#039ve opened it. For example by using others controls or statements.<BR><BR>B.T.W.:<BR>I&#039m using Interdev&#039s Design-Time Controls<BR><BR>This is my code:<BR><BR>RSTcustomer.setSQLText(&#039Select * From t_Customer&#039);<BR>RSTcustomer.open();<BR>RSTcus tomer.fields.getValue(&#039Name&#039); &#060;- produces an error<BR> because the recordset <BR> is not opened yet<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Geert-Jan<BR>