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    I wish to create a CDONTS form to process requests through a webpage to an email address. <BR>The examples that I have seen just send a body message. I am looking to label the data collected. (See Below)<BR><BR>This is how I would like the results to appear in the body of the message:<BR><BR>First Name: John<BR>Last Name: Brown<BR>Department: Marketing<BR>Phone: 1-800-555-1212<BR>Other data: asdfasdf<BR>More Data: asdfasf<BR>Comments: A whole lot of comments here.<BR><BR>I can send sample code for the form and CDONTS that I have if necessary.<BR>

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    you&#039;re really having trouble with this? it&#039;s just a matter of building a string and assigning that to the .body property - hardly rocket science. how you build the string is up to you - you could loop through the form fields or you could do it manually. your choice.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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