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    I&#039;m attempting to use some third party page headers and footers in a Visual Studio Project. My page was written using vb.net and the headers and footers are written in C#. I&#039;ve had no problem using them in my page really except for their placement. The header works out fine. But the footer is a problem. If I simply place it on the web form in the Visual Studio Design environment, when the page is rendered, the footer is placed immediately after the header with the bulk of the page&#039;s content pasted over it. The only way I&#039;ve been able to get it to work is to place it as the last item in the panel that contains the page&#039;s controls. The problem with this is that it does not span the entire width of the page, only the width of the panel when rendered. If any of you have any idea of where to place a footer reference in html, please, point me in the right direction.<BR>

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    VS.NET doesn&#039;t like to mix languages at present. if I were you I&#039;d render them down into an assembly and use the assembly, in order to fool VS.NET.<BR><BR>btw the ASP.NET forum may have been more appropriate.

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