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    My company hosts many web sites. We would like an asp page (or some other tool) that we could pull up that would list all of the web sites and how much space they are taking up.<BR><BR>Are there any free tools out there that do that, or should I do this with the filesystemobject in asp? If so, how do I loop through all the folders in a directory and find the size for each one?

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    I wouldn&#039;t do it in ASP, but that&#039;s just me. I&#039;d do it using a VB executable, or .VBS file or something. Just in case there are timeout issues, and it&#039;s easier to schedule.<BR><BR>You can use the FileSystemObject and its Folder and File objects to find information about a given folder and its included files.<BR><BR>This may help:<BR><BR><BR>Craig.

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