lo folks.<BR>i have this problem.<BR>hope some1 can help out.<BR>cuz it is hard to find out on the net.<BR><BR>here it comes:<BR>i have this pc which runs win 2000 advanced server.<BR>i have installed microsoft project server 2002 on it.<BR>and now i am buidling this .net application which has to connect with the project server and extract project data out of it.<BR>now i&#039;ve read that you can do this by using soap and then send xml requests to the projectserver<BR>and that the project server provides certain pds functions which developers can use.<BR><BR>now i am looking for a complete overview about the available functions for pds and how a n00b .net programmer can use them.<BR><BR><BR>greetz aspacts<BR><BR>ps. i have downloaded a test program client that connects in .net to project server but it gave me a 401 error while every user right is set ok.<BR>please, could really use some help folks ;)<BR><BR>&#060;img src=""&#062;<BR><BR>