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    I linked tables from one db to another but when I upload them to the server the path gets lost. I tried linking up on the server using an FTP client but it errs out and says the path is not valid. Anyone done this before or is it something the server host has to do?

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    Default Have you posted this before? If not,...

    ...this is an issue that your host has to sort out, but they may not want to.<BR><BR>Access links two (or more) DBs together using absolute file paths. So, if the two DBs are in the directory D:MyDB on your local machine, then that&#039;s what is stored in Access.<BR><BR>Now, when you upload it to the web server, this D:MyDB obviously won&#039;t exist and your databases will end up in a completely different directory. Now, when you run one of the DBs, it can&#039;t find the other anymore, because it&#039;s no longer in D:MyDB.<BR><BR>You might be able to get your host to relink them, but in my experience it&#039;s not the sort of thing they like to do.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know, but there may be a way of running an ASP script that relinks them - via ADO maybe. Not sure.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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