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    im now using access much records can access handle?if im goin 2 enter about 100,000 records..can access handle it? and if im goin 2 use sql..can i upsizing my existing database using ms access wizard?<BR><BR>how can i prevent some1 from downloading my database..and how can i improve my database and web security features?<BR><BR>help me ;)<BR><BR>u guys can give me url 4 me to read?<BR><BR>Thx

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    ...<BR><BR>I recently moved from access 2000 to sql server 2000 for my web based application. Both have their fors and againsts.<BR><BR>I believe long term sql server would be a more superior choice, however this decision is based upon many influential factors that you will need to firstly identify.<BR><BR>Hope this is of use,<BR>John

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