...a decent (read: cheap) wireless access point and pcmcia bundle?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got my eye on this:<BR>http://www.dabs.com/uk/ProductView?quicklinx=2PW7<BR>Seems reasonable (54MBps, with PCMCIA card), and really cheap for £75 inc vat.<BR><BR>As far as my networking knowledge goes, it should simply plug into a spare port on my switch and bingo. Ok, secure it down etc, but hey.<BR><BR>I mainly want something so my GF can use her laptop downstairs and things. We rent, so "hiding" wires in walls isn&#039;t an option, and trailing huge cables isn&#039;t an answer either.<BR><BR>Has anyone seen any (US/UK) deals/bundles that they either liked the look of, or have tried? No rush. It&#039;ll be my christmas present to myself (read: geek), if I do get it...<BR><BR>Craig.