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    In my sweater.<BR>It has gone the way of all good sweaters , blew out the elbow...<BR><BR>I&#039;m gonna have to break down and buy some new clothes for the winter.

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    Default My wife cleaned the closet...

    ...the other day and found 4 or 5 sweaters I&#039;ve never worn. Or maybe worn once. They sure look new.<BR><BR>I tend to wear a sweater once a month or so, whether I need to or not.<BR><BR>You must live in a colder climate than we do. (Seattle area.)<BR><BR>

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    My girlfriend tried to throw out my MCP hat when we moved.<BR>I don&#039;t wear it, but I rescued it anyway.<BR><BR>I&#039;m in Montreal... but it is the temperature inside the office that I find a little too cold.<BR><BR>I kept a sweatshirt at the office all summer 8-)<BR>

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