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    If I have a page that is making several database calls, and now I need to add a call that sets several page level variables at the beginning of its execution, would I benefit from keeping those values in an xml file (in the same directory) and retrieving them using XMLHTTP rather than adding on another database call to the page? I&#039;m looking for the best performance, so I guess the question is whether opening and retrieving xml from a file is faster than retrieving the database with a stored procedure. <BR><BR>Thought? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Jenkins

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    Default If you've already opened..

    .. the database for other things, it is going to be faster to just read from the database.

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    Default You missed the fastest way...

    Put them in Session variables.<BR><BR>Putting them in a file is problematical, at best. Now you have to be sure to remove all those little files when you are done with them.<BR><BR>Now, if the info is common to all users, then the file solution is okay, but again the even faster way is to use Application variables. (And also the least memory intensive.)<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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