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    Hi<BR>I need to print my report output in ASP, which sometimes runs into many pages, to a better formatted output than just the table.<BR>I have looked extensively here and elsewhere at all the sample but doesnt help.<BR>For example, my table output from screen should go out like so:<BR><BR> ABC Company<BR> NeverLand<BR><BR>TitleA TitleB TitleC TitleD<BR>12 100.2 Test here Trying to print<BR>xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<BR><BR>--- and so on.<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks<BR>Crystal.

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    Default ??? What is your definition...

    ...of "better formatted output"?<BR><BR>What do you want that is better than what &#060;TABLE&#062; gets you?<BR><BR>

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