Hi, <BR>I am having problems with using ASP .NET to upload a file from a local computer to a file server, via an ASP .NET application on a separate web server. <BR><BR>I am attempting to select a file on the local computer using a ASP .NET web-page and then uploading it to the file server using the &#039;SaveAs&#039; function. <BR><BR>However, I am prompted to enter a username, password and domain for the web server in order to commence the uploading of the file and to display the next ASP .NET web page. <BR><BR>I know that that the uploading functionality works because I can upload a file from the web server to the file server. It just does not work when the file is from a &#039;client&#039; computer accessing the web server to upload a file to the file server. <BR><BR>All client and server computers are accessable by Intranet. <BR><BR>Why am I prompted for username, password and domain details for the web-server? Can anyone please help? <BR>Thanks, <BR>Dave.