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    I have done a intranet for one of our clients.<BR>After about 1 year now with the system running fine, they want me check the following.<BR><BR>If a user log on to his machine in the morning, "win 2000", he must automatically be logged on to the intranet.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in some direction here.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Define "intranet".<BR><BR>You wrote a web-based application that they use internally.<BR><BR>When the user logs into his system in the morning and accesses this application, the application must "know" which user is accessing it?<BR><BR>You can do this.<BR><BR>You would need to remove anonymous access from the website, and then place that website into the "Intranet" zone in IE. This way (with normal security), the user will automatically send their login credentials to the server when they access your application.<BR><BR>You&#039;d need to modify your application to pull this information from the Request.ServerVariables collection, and automatically log the user in.<BR><BR>Craig.

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