how to intiate a keyPress event??

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Thread: how to intiate a keyPress event??

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    Default how to intiate a keyPress event??

    hi,<BR>i am looking for a code to bookmark my page. if i am using window.external.AddFavorite(x, y), it pops up a window asking for the title and all. i dont want the users to input these things. but when i am using Ctrl + D, it simply bookmarks the page without any confirmations. thats y i want a code to send these keypress(ctrl+D).<BR><BR>thanx in advance<BR>Anoop

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    Default No way.

    If you COULD do this, think of the consequences.<BR><BR>Every web page you visit could add themselves to your favourites without your knowledge.<BR><BR>The reason it&#039;s different is simple.<BR>If you press Ctrl-D, then the USER has asked to add it to their favourites.<BR>If you execute "window.external.AddFavorite()", then the WEB PAGE has asked to be added to their favourites. The user hasn&#039;t consented.<BR><BR>This is the reason you get a confirmation box. You can&#039;t get around it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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