No, this isn&#039;t a question - yesterday, I spent about 9 hours fighting a server.<BR><BR>We use digital certificates to verify people&#039;s identities. Normally when you load any page a folder that&#039;s set to require a cert, the browser prompts the user to choose their certificate. In that prompt any/all of the certificates are listed.<BR><BR>The network folks installed all patches onto the servers earlier this week. Since then, this prompt is empty (as if there are no certificates listed). We ended up calling Microsoft and there is a known bug with Patch MS03-041.<BR><BR>So, if any of you use digital certificates in your server applications and they aren&#039;t showing up AND you just installed patches, now you know why.<BR><BR>Call Microsoft and pony up the credit card. Our incident fee ended up being refunded because it was an issue with a MS patch, so yours should be, too.