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    How do i automatically update a filed from user input.<BR><BR>Ques 1. Say there are four fields UserID, FName, LName and Address on a page. I want the user to fill in the FName and LName fields with their user input and then the UserID field automatically field with the first three letters of FName and the first three letters of LName once the user moves down to the Address field.<BR><BR>Ques 2. same scenario, but this time i want the Fname once filled(eg: input Mike) to query the DB for all mike&#039;s and bring them up as the user might have already being registered on the system, if mike is present, then the user should be able to click on mike and the details of the form are filled.

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    OK have you thought this out?<BR><BR><BR>Mike Jones<BR>Mike Jonestown<BR>Mike Jones Jr<BR><BR>Think about it they all would have the same id

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