Okay, I&#039m collecting and researching numbers my database has collected for any number of tests (rows) for a point in time (column) with a result being an integer, 0-x.<BR><BR>I&#039m to the point where I can get all of the numbers I want with a really ugly select string, but only for one column.<BR><BR> select (select count(colX) from tableX where colX = i) as count1, (select count(colX) from tableX where colX &#062; i) as count2, etc.<BR><BR>I&#039m intentionally putting more strain on the database than is necessary to minimize strain on my scripts, yes. Here&#039s the question: is there any way to get that so that it will then put a record in under that definition for each column? (so that the end recordset looks like: colName, count1, count2, ... countX [with records for each column from the original table]) <BR><BR>Should I be looking at specific views at this point, should I stick to my script because this is too wierd for a DB-only solution, or is there some better solution you&#039d care to enlighten me with?