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    I have three tables. The first table(tbl_Code) has one field called Code(no primary key). The second table(tbl_Inventory) is an inventory table(with the code field and then some others in it, including an Inventory Field). The third table(tbl_Compare) is the same table as the second minus the inventory field. The tbl_Code table is being populated from a web front end. This is what I want to do. I want to run an OnUpdate statement comparing the tables to eachother. How can I do this in Access(maybe this is a stupid question but I just can&#039;t put my finger on it). Basically I can&#039;t figure out how to fire off the OnUpdate Statement. <BR><BR>Psuedocode<BR>tbl_code onUpdate<BR>If tbl_code.code = tbl_inventory.code <BR>then <BR>tbl_inventory.inventory +1<BR>else <BR>add <BR>tbl_code.code to tbl_inventory.code<BR><BR>then <BR>if tbl_inventory.code = tbl_compare.code <BR>take that record from tbl_compare.code<BR>and add it to the tbl_inventory.code where .code is equal to each other. <BR>

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    you&#039;re talking about a trigger, essentially, right?<BR><BR>access doesn&#039;t support them.

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