I&#039;m just starting to learn vb.net so this may be a very silly question.<BR><BR>I installed visual studio.net & .net framework on my own workstation. I wrote some simple web applications and it works fine on the internet explorer browser (through IIS locahost). Now I just tried to upload 1 project (the whole folder & its files) on a web server and it gives me some configuration errors. My question is, do you have to intall vs.net or .net framework on the web server too? When you upload your project, do you upload the whole project folder or just some files in that folder s/a .aspx, .vb, .css files?<BR>When I wrote my asp pages before, it was much simpler. There was input.html form and submit.asp where the asp code resides... how come there are so many files in a asp.net application? Are they neccessary? So if I have a lot of applications, it would take a lot of space on the web server.. can I just have 1 web.config file or 1 stylesheet.css file and use it for every application I have??