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    I have displayed results on the page in a table format.<BR>The user is able to select multiple options to delete.<BR>The information is deleted from the corresponding tables.<BR>I then want to redisplay the results.<BR><BR>I was looking into rs.requery, but that doesn&#039;t seem to fit what I need because it states that it updates the data in a Recordset object by re-executing the query on which the object is based. But the last query was a Delete. <BR><BR>Granted I may be misunderstanding the concept. My delete is called from a separate file. Would it help if it was in the same file? But even then, the Delete submit refreshes the page to go the the server. Not quite sure how to handle this.<BR><BR>Thanks...<BR>

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    Default Don't understand the problem...

    You say you do the DELETE(s) from a separate file [I presume you mean a separate ASP page file?], so I would think that if you just did a Response.Redirect back to the display page it should all work.<BR><BR>Make *SURE* you have closed the connection in the deletes page.<BR><BR>If the browser maintains the cache, so that you don&#039;t see a refreshed view, then try doing Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect. The browser won&#039;t have any choice in the refresh, then.<BR><BR>

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