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    Default Creating a Database Driven Login Page but not allo

    Ok. I read your creating a Database-Driven Login Page article it's geat and all but in this article it gives people an option to register. I don't want that. I'm creating a website that will be accessed by our members only and I already have a sql db set up with their username and passwords, so what I want is a log in page that will check the username and password entered against this db and if they match then let them into our site but if they enter a username and passwod not in the db then redirect them to a "please enter a correct username or password page". Oh and I also want to make sure that people can't access any of my pages by typing the url and bypassing the login page. Which I read your Data sanitization-Reducing Security holes in an asp website and I loved that too! so if you I could get say an example of those to articles with what I'm looking for that would be AWESOME! I'm sure by now you have figured out that I am not a programmer, I'm a desinger and have a small understanding on asp coding. PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Default ASPFAQ's

    Link is right at the top of this page. Category > Security All the code is there.

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