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    Hi guys, <BR><BR>I&#039;m using the following code to turn some asp web page results into a editable word document in IE:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.ContentType = "application/msword"<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>What i&#039;m wondering is if there is anyway either through ASP/HTML or CSS to set the page setup (orientation) to either Landscape or Portrait? <BR><BR>At the moment our users have to keep going to page setup and changing this, but I was think there must be some way to set this with script?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James

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    I believe there&#039;s a tag in CSS2 that lets you suggest orientation to the browser.<BR><BR>Whether any browsers take notice of it is another matter.<BR><BR>In fact, as this is being passed to Word to interpret, I severely doubt that Word will take notice of it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Maybe you can..

    .. create a word document and set those things.<BR><BR>Then, save the word file as a HTML document. See if any of that information is saved. If it is, then recreate that in your HTML code. If it isn&#039;t, well, sorry then - it might be time to look for a component that generates Word files on the fly.

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