Hi<BR><BR>I am trying to decide on the best way to implement a role based security solution for a dotNET website.<BR><BR>I am keen to use the Identities, roles and principals provided with dotnet framework, but i am unsure how to implement the following scenario and wondered if someone could shed some light on the best way to do so in a VB manner.<BR><BR>Situation:<BR><BR>A logged on user can have different roles for the many different companies<BR>he is asisgned to administer, eg:<BR> Company A - he can add, amend staff<BR> Company B - he can only amend staff<BR> Company C - he can only view staff details<BR><BR>(only showing three companies here, but there could be any number of companies he, or others, are assigned to - and many areas of functionality)<BR><BR>My initial thought was that once he had logged in i would pick up from a permissions table the companies he has been assigned to and his respective permission(s) for each company into a multi-dimensional array.<BR><BR>On each page that required it - I would have to loop the permissions to see if they can carry out that particular task for a particular company and enable/disable the controls thereafter.<BR><BR>As i say i like the idea of using the frameworks identities, roles, etc and have read the articles on this site that demonstrate how to "partly" achieve this, but not sure how to extend these examples to accomodate the above.<BR><BR>Can anyone suggest which way would be the best to implement and any links to example VB code? Eg, if i was to go for the multi-array where is the best place initialise it and store it for global access for that persons session.<BR><BR>I am pretty new to the dotnet arena and want to make sure i use the most scalable solution using what is now available in dotnet - trouble is i need to get onto this quickly and cant seem to read all the dotnet books i have quickly enough..... So hoping someone can help me jump start this!<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance!<BR><BR><BR>