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    Hi,<BR>I am creating a hierarchical menu structure which can grow upto n-levels. Now one particular node can contain more than one child nodes. As this system navigates over Keystrokes (i.e. 1 for first node in a particular level, 2 for on) i am storing key storkes associated with each node. Now when a particular node is deleted the number sequence is broken. Is there any way that when a node is deleted the rest of the indexes rearrange themselves.<BR>Thanx.<BR>Abhra

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    Default I would create the index...

    ...on the fly, every time you display the hierarchical menu. That way you don&#039;t have to re-create it when something is changed.<BR><BR>Well, maybe you don&#039;t want to create the index every time, since you could cache the menu as well as the index using normal caching techniques.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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