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    Hi,<BR>I had a problem when a student enters his application number without a leading zero. If an applicant enters his number with leading zero my system can recognise. say for eg:<BR>000123654 is the applicant number. If applicant enters full number then my system can understand his number but if he enters 00123654 then it will reject. How can i make my system accept number without leading zero?<BR>Is it possible. I cannot use left or right function as i dont know how many digits applicant number would be. Any help is much appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    I will asume this is a text field that holds the number because intger values don&#039;t contain leading zeros<BR><BR>If there a max length that the number can be including zeros ie 9 characters<BR><BR>I have a similar situation on a site where user numbers are like F-0001 (F) is an identifier for franchise, the users wanted to beable to search by entering f-1 so I had to check the length the add leading zeros accordingly.<BR><BR>Where numberfield=&#039;" right("00000000" & request("Numberfield"),9) & "&#039;"<BR><BR>just a thought

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