I am having an extremely bad IIS problem, actually I think it may really be an NT problem. I have two web sites hosted with IIS using host headers for redirection. The two sites have stopped working after both working fine for over a year. Instead of loading the web the browser gets an error in the form of a table that says &#039Problem Report&#039 and that a TCP_ERROR has occurred. I sniffed the packets and also saw there is a http 1.0 503 error in there that neither netscape or IE shows.<BR><BR>Does anyone know what the heck this might mean? No changes were made to the server that I&#039m aware of and if I go directly to the IP the site will load and one oddball host header that I&#039ve added will work on the same content. This rules out DNS, permissions, etc as the problem.<BR><BR>Please reply to me via email if you have any clue. I can&#039t find anything in MS support online, MSDN, etc about this error, its totally undocumented and this server doesn&#039t have a MS support contract so there&#039s no help forthcoming there.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!