Why do you do it ?

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Thread: Why do you do it ?

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    Default Why do you do it ?

    The question is for those who are here everyday. You know who you are. Why ? Why waste your time on uneducated morons ? Why help ? Where do you get all this free time ? Am I a bad person if I dont help ? ...not judging....just wondering

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    Default Something to do.

    I get to a point, with my day-job, that I need a break.<BR><BR>I used to be able to play Unreal at the dot-com. Those days are over, so now I quietly post on the messageboard.<BR><BR>And, I&#039;ve gained some "friends" w/ the other regulars.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve also picked up some freelance work from helping people...<BR><BR>And, lastly - I (usually) like to help people. I&#039;ve decided to skip the unusually ignorant folks, but everyone else is usually appreciative.

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    Default I learn a great deal from it

    Especially how inadequate I am...<BR><BR>Plus everyone gotta have at least one distraction from the mundane work world

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    Default RE: Why do you do it ?

    Its an addiction ;-)<BR><BR>I was on this forum every day for a long time before I posted much. About 5 posts in my first year (it was before there was a login).<BR>I would read all the threads for the sake of learning, and in a way that is still what drives me. People sometimes ask tough questions and I "need" to know the answer, so I help.<BR><BR><BR>I went on and on about it one day.<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/showMessage.asp?F=36&M=616155&P=1

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