I have a java applet that needs to be incorporated in to an ASP.NET application I&#039;m writing. I&#039;m not a Java developer, and I&#039;m just learning asp.net. I don&#039;t see any reason why it needs to remain an applet and could just be a simple function. The applet now generates a serial number for software registration based on a merchants store number.It seems pretty simple but not being real familiar with the syntax of either language I&#039;m a bit stuck. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Java code below:<BR><BR><BR>import java.awt.*;<BR>import java.applet.*;<BR><BR>public class GenerateSerialNumber extends Applet {<BR>private static final long lKey = 0x51743625;<BR>String mrchnum; <BR><BR> public String init(String mrchnum){<BR> <BR> public long generateKey(String szMerchantNumber) {<BR> long lSum = lKey;<BR> boolean bLeadingZero = true;<BR> int nLen = szMerchantNumber.length();<BR> int nDigit;<BR> int i = 0;<BR><BR> while (i &#060; nLen) {<BR> nDigit = Integer.parseInt(szMerchantNumber.substring(i,i+1) );<BR> if ( (nDigit!=0) &#124&#124 !bLeadingZero) {<BR> bLeadingZero = false;<BR> lSum = lSum &#060;&#060; 8;<BR> lSum += nDigit; <BR> lSum *= 214768343;<BR> if (lSum &#060; 0) <BR> lSum = 0 - lSum;<BR> else if (lSum==0) <BR> lSum = lKey;<BR> }<BR> i++;<BR> return lSum;<BR> }<BR> <BR>}