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Thread: Web Popup window (with datagrid) from Web custom c

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    I was wondering if I can easily create a web based popup that contains a datagrid that allows me to select items from it and pass the details back?<BR><BR>I want to be able to create the popup from within a web custom control and pass the selected item back to it from the popup.<BR><BR>Can this be done easily??<BR>Is there some sample code to do this??<BR>

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    Unfortunately ASP.Net does not deal well with multiple windows or frames. It has to do with ASP.Net being centered around the Page object. That said, although you won&#039;t be able to use the great ASP.Net you&#039;re used to, you can still get the job done using something that feels more like classic ASP.<BR><BR>A quick interjection - would it be possible to use a div (panel)? I know a lot of times where I originally thought I&#039;d use a separate window I instead found a way to use a div with toggling visibility and z-index.<BR><BR>Ok, on with what I was saying. One way would be to use some clientside javascript to point to the other window. You could construct a querystring to pass the datagrid selection to the original window. Generally I do this like:<BR><BR>protected btnSelect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR> Page.Response.Write("&#060;script language=&#039;JavaScript&#039;&#062;");<BR> Page.Response.Write("windowname.location.href = &#039;" + myHref + myQuerystring + "&#039;;");<BR>}<BR><BR>Once you get that querystring to ASP.Net, you should know what to do.<BR><BR>One thing to watch out for is the escaping when Response.Writing the javascript. It always takes me several minutes to get this working. So if your window doesn&#039;t refresh, examine the Response.Write lines. You might have to split them over more lines or something. Perhaps the next poster could help on that issue!

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